It Will Be Worth Your Time to Visit a Toronto Light Fixture Store

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It Will Be Worth Your Time to Visit a Toronto Light Fixture Store

If you are searching for light fixtures for your home, it is worth the drive to a brick and mortar Toronto light fixture store. The ability to touch and see the stunning lighting fixtures available today can provide impressions that simply cannot be matched with online shopping.
The available choice of modern lighting in a Toronto light fixture store is as limitless as the imagination. With so many choices, it is easy for the consumer to get confused, especially at the planning stage. You will first need to know about the types of lighting and which type you will need in each room of the house before purchasing products from a Toronto light fixture store.

Types of Lighting

Mood plays a very important role in room lighting. You can create various effects and moods by the types of lighting your choose.
Ambient light: This is the most basic illumination similar to the effects of natural light. Ambient lamps and wall lights are used to create a calming effect in a room. Ambient lighting is typically used in living rooms and dining rooms, but it is also used in bedrooms where soft lighting is needed for relaxation. Ambient lighting can be accomplished with chandeliers, ceiling fixtures or wall-mounted fixtures.
Task lighting: Gives off a bright, focused light on one position in order to help you perform a specific task. In the kitchen, task lighting is used to directly focus on counter tops and food preparation areas. In the study or home office, task lighting is used in a working area. Task lighting can be provided by pendant lighting, floor lamps and desk lamps.
Accent lighting: Used to create drama in a room by highlighting key features such as artwork, sculptures and other prized possessions. Accent lighting is ideal for use in a living room in conjunction with ambient light to give more flexibility when a higher level of light is needed. Accent lighting is usually provided by wall-mounted light fixtures.
When you visit a Toronto light fixture store, you will be able to speak to product experts on site. These experts can provide you with informed knowledge about the best suited lighting for each room of your house.
Prima Lighting is a family owned business that believes in creating new relationships while continuing to maintain the strong ties with existing, loyal clientele. The staff has the knowledge and expertise to help you with all your lighting project needs, from planning to selection and will gladly assist you in-store or by appointment for project consultation.
Prima Lighting offers many different brands including: 
  • Allegri,
  • Arteriors Home,
  • Hudson Valley Lighting,
  • Hinkley Lighting,
  • Kichler,
  • Ralph Lauren,
  • Swarovski, and;
  • Robert Abbey Lighting.
Prima Lighting is a leading source Toronto area light fixture store with solid roots in the Vaughan/Woodbridge community. Offering high quality products and excellent customer service, you are sure to find the perfect light fixtures for your home.

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